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Help Elsewhere

My practice is geographically limited to a several-county area within and between Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.  However, since the reach of blogs stretches far and wide, I think it’s valuable to refer attorneys for cases outside my area.  A professional acquaintance of mine, for example, maintains a list of DUI attorneys.  It’s too long to replicate here – I’ll just link it below.

The qualifiers for any attorney listed or linked are simple:  Their gig is not my gig – vet any attorney you hire based solely upon your interaction with him or her; I am not associated with these folks, I don’t fee share with them, and I don’t know their kids or spouses – I’m just trying to help … I’m that kinda guy.

If you’re an attorney that wants to be listed, contact the office and send me your website link or other contact information along with your practice area or areas.

The links …

Nationwide list of DUI/DWI attorneys.