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Opening scene

October 27, 2011

2. Law

Opening scene

I’ll be setting up an office in Bloomsburg, Columbia County, soon.  My primary focus will be criminal defense – from DUIs through felonies, including homicide.  I’m a trial attorney – you can plead out if you like, but if you’ve got a defense, I’ll handle it.  If you want your day in court, I’ll give it to you.  I’ll take you through pleading and ARD, as well … sometimes falling on the sword is the best alternative.

I’ll be handling family law, as well – divorces, custodies, etc.  I also grew up professionally (before law) writing and negotiating contracts.  That’s continued with me – so negotiating, documenting, suing for breach, etc. is all in the mix.

I do not do the slip and fall stuff.  I reserve that for attorneys that specialize in those areas.  I can refer you to someone if you like.

I’ve practiced law since 1993, and most recently have taken off a few years to teach and write.  Time to get back to the courtroom …

I am going to format this website as a traditional blog.  It’ll have informative posts.  I am not interested in having some high-glitz marketing site.  You learn nothing there but how pretty someone can make a webpage.  Waste of time.  I also don’t strut around like some barnyard rooster claiming how big I am or how afraid of me the other members of the bar are or should be.  Cut me a break.  The more someone in business – attorneys, insurance folks, or mechanics – have to rely on emotion to sell themselves then the more you should step back with wallet in hand to make sure that the sales pitch is not greater than the substance.  I’ve watched with humor a series of commercials by a law firm that claims how big and tough they are and how opponents weep at the mention of their name, only to know that the same firm is known pejoratively as the “King of the Compromise.”  They settle everything.  Too funny.

Feel free to write to me to suggest a topic or ask a question – click on the “Contact me” tab floating on the right or “Contact the author” at the end of this post – both will get an e to me from you.  I can’t give legal advice unless you’re a client, but I can write generally.  You don’t have to be from my geographical area to ask a question.  Also, since I’m not going to be giving you legal advice, I may use your question or comment in a future post … unless, of course, your inquiry is about retaining me for a matter, then it’s just between us.

Let the games begin, eh?

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Clyde is the lead attorney in the firm. Licensed to practice in 1993, he's also taught Constitutional and Criminal Law for several years at a private university, primarily at the Master's level.

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