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Synthetic Cannabinoids & Operations Log Jam (Federal) and Artificial High (Penna)

July 30, 2012

2. Law, 4. Arrest

Wasn’t last week fun?  109 cities, 91 arrests, 235 search warrants.  19 manufacturers, a few sales reps, and a bunch of stores. Most of the stuff taken was 100% legal – clean pipes, uncontrolled substances, and new generation blends of aromatherapy and incense products.  And hookahs.  They took my client’s hookahs.  WTF?

The chest thumping continued at the press conference (the end is weird – questions not heard, just answers – so some dead air):

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Isn’t it curious how individuals putting fully legal products, in some instances being misused outside of their control or desire or instruction, into the stream of commerce are all of a sudden “drug traffickers”? Is it the misuse by the Idiot Faction that creates this label? Then let’s go after Staples – the Idiot Faction huffs glue sold openly on Staples’ shelves. Let’s nail gas stations – just had an ER visit locally by a couple of lads huffing gasoline. Should we continue? Oh yes! How about this – which is precisely what the government is doing: You know that toasted kid that works at Staples? He said to some stoner wandering the aisles, “I ain’t got no weed, but if you buy this rubber cement and fit yourself up with a bag over your head, you can get fried!” In Operation Log Jam parlance, that clerk just bought himself a felony. Cut me a break.

I wish the prosecutors the best of luck. No one is using the banned substances or their chemical families anymore. And you have to prove functional analogues without human studies – try qualifying an expert who can’t cite a single study to back him up. What’s he gonna do – relate personal experience in misusing a aromatherapy product?  The only thing they have is numbers – affinities and so on.  No observational data.

All the feds have achieved is to hurt honest business folks under the guise of getting rid of the dishonest ones. All they’ve done is clear the manufacturing field of competitors for those left standing. Must be nice – kinda like having the Mafia work for you … they kill off your competition, and tip their hat in your direction as they walk away.

Log Jam and Artificial High was grandstanding. A lot of innocent and honest folks are being hurt by it. And I wonder if cops will be lying under oath to support their seizures as I suggest I maybe kinda sorta watched allegedly so I think the other day.

If those with police power actually knew what they were doing, it would be a better place. Start by reading this post – then ask questions. OK, cowpoke?

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